New Product Invention

The new product invention process starts with the creation of hand sketches and specifications. From there the creation of a 3D model can aid as a means of proving out the concept and identifying pre-production problems. The 3D model can help verify real world specifics such as the weight and overall size of the new product. As well as giving a visual idea of what the product will look like in real life without resorting to physical models and mockups.

Once the model has been created, and revised to the satisfaction of the inventor, high quality photographic renderings can be made which aid in the creation of marketing and sales plans used in attracting investors and capital funding for the new invention.The same 3D model can be used in the creation of patent drawings required by the patent attorney.


New product development process

Product engineering drawings can also be made to allow the inventor to procure quotations from companies who may wish to manufacturer the product. Since the rendered photographs and the engineering drawings are linked to the origianl 3D model, they can be quickly updated when changes are required due to product improvements or design changes. These happen frequently during the initial stages of bringing a new product to the market.

New product on the market

At the pre manufacturing stage the 3D model can be used to created actual physical rapid prototypes of the product. Having the actual product in your hand gives the inventor reinforcement of the products viability and can also be extreemly useful as a demonstration tool to new investors.

If you would like more information about how 3D modeling could help developing your new invention, please call AAA drafting.

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