Casting Metal

Casting metal as it old as time itself, or so it seems. Pump housings, pipe hangers, brackets, machine bases and even items as small as jewelry are all made by casting. Casting is still a practical alternative even for high tech devices.

All castings need casting and machining drawings before they can be quoted and manufactured. With the addition of 3D modeling, we have a tool to help reduce the high cost of creating castings.

Casting drawing

Casting drawings for aluminum die casting and cast iron parts such as metal pump housings, volutes, motor mounts, pipe hangers and brackets.

Die Casting


Aluminum die casting projects for fire alarms and speaker enclosures and even V8 motorcycle transmissions.

Investment Casting

Production of 3D models for wax models and creation of stl files for wax printers and cnc machines

Jewelry wax models

gold ring of hearts

Jewelry wax models are making the production of wax molds a much quicker and less painstaking process. 3D Modeling software can create complicated shapes that can be reused and changed dozens of times unlike traditional hand made wax models.

Rapid Prototyping for everybody

Rapid prototyping processes are improving to the point where just about anybody can have access to them

> Casting Processes
Diamond Crossing

Diamond Crossing

Raillroad diamond crossing with replacement frogs and lead-in rails
Duct Layout

Duct Layout

Dust Collector pipe layout designed for constant velocity of 3500 fpm
Disk Brake Assembly

Disk Brake Assembly

Disk brake assembly for commuter rail car