Pneumatics Projects

If you have any pneumatics or hydraulic projects, AAA Drafting can help. We have worked on NFPA hydraulic cylinder components as well as hydraulic oil tanks. Other projects are described below.

Compressed air headers

Created multiple sizes of compressed air headers for dust collector applications. Designed modular headers which were easy to add capacity to both on the drafting board and in the shop.

Compressed air piping

Compressed Air Piping 004

Large diameter compressed air piping run replacement for a nickel producing plant. Designed and laid out piping runs and support structures using a combination of SolidWorks and Google Earth.

Piping Design

Mounting hardware for gate and ball valves and actuators, custom pipe fittings both cast and machined. Piping runs for deionized water lines, manifolds and headers for cooling water.

> Air & Oil Cylinders and control

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