Aluminum Casting

We can produce aluminum casting part drawings for both the permanent mould and die cast moulding processes. for the pump industry we produce casting drawings for pump volutes,impellers, motor mounts and more. In either case we can apply our experience to produce an casting part drawing that incorporates proper draft angles and appropriate machining allowances.


The permanent mould casting process is more suited to low volume production or prototype parts such as house numbers, medallions, novelty items and ornaments. We can use solidworks to create these parts and use the the software to predict the ultimate weight of the part to enable you to find the most economical part design.

We can address manufacturing difficulties before expenses are incurred in producing tooling. Aluminum die casting part drawings can be produced incorporating proper draft angles and allowances. We can take advantage of the ability of aluminum die casting to produce finely detailed parts at relatively low cost.


Casting drawings are also important if you are thinking of sourcing a part overseas and need to communicate the design intent with a supplier in the Far East or India.

If you have a new product and require aluminum alloy casting we can help you with its production. We deal closely with aluminum foundries and have sources for the manufacture of the part in addition to doing the design and drafting work for the aluminum alloy casting or aluminum die casting part drawings. Please contact us if you have any requirements.

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