Drafting Desk

The Drafting desk is a useful accessory for the residential home as much as it is for the office. They can be as simple as wall mounted models, or as portable desks that double as laptop supports to full drafting tables that have organizers and baskets to suit a multitude of hobbies from scrapbooking to art and illustration.

As a drafting table you would need to add a vinyl board cover so you could draw properly on different kinds of media and have a surface to allow the use of compasses and dividers. As a hobby table the adjustable angled table would really help position your work at a comfortable position. The casters on this board are extremely practical. Drafting boards are usually big and heavy items that take up a lot of space. Having one on wheels makes it easy to roll it out of the way when its not being used. This is especially important in a residential home where there might not be space to keep the board set up all the time.

Ebay always has a lot of drafting desks listed sometimes at bargain prices. Drafting boards are usually quite heavy so you will need a pick up truck or other large vehicle to pick one up. This actually works in your favour many times because the vendor is often reluctant to ship the drafting board due to high shipping costs. If you are willing to pick one up yourself you can often strike a good deal.

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