Drafting tools and techniques

Drafting tools and techniques have gone through a lot of changes since personal computers became popular. We dont use slide rules anymore and sepias and track machines are a thing of the past but some drafting equipment remains with us.

The computer age has brought some cool new tools as well. Heres some links to useful drafting aids and techniques both new and old.

Machinerys Handbook

The venerable Machinerys Handbook is one of them and plenty of draftspersons, estimators, engineers and some architects still use this cornucopia of mechanical information all packed into a book shaped cube.

Laser Distance Measuring

If you have to do a lot of field measuring, a laser measuring tool can make your life a lot easier. In this article I describe this more recent addition to our arsenal of tools. I give my opions of the tool I use and give some suggestions about other devices that are available.

Drafting Symbol

Drafting symbol software packages can be very useful to keep the repetitive work at a minimum

Engineering Scales

The engineering scale and the architects scale explained. Why we still need to use these tools in an age where CAD systems supposedly draw everything perfectly to scale.

Drafting chair

Having sat in some uncomfortable chairs in my time, I offer some suggestions on what makes a good place to sit and make your drawings

Drafting paper

Here is information about the different types of drafting paper or media, both for hand drafting or for use in wide format printers.

> Tools of the trade
Diamond Crossing

Diamond Crossing

Raillroad diamond crossing with replacement frogs and lead-in rails
Duct Layout

Duct Layout

Dust Collector pipe layout designed for constant velocity of 3500 fpm
Disk Brake Assembly

Disk Brake Assembly

Disk brake assembly for commuter rail car