Fabricated Strainers

Duplex strainers are used to remove impurities from process flow. Any contaminants just collect in the filter baskets. A duplex strainer has two strainers and the necessary valves to isolate it from the flow to allow the cleaning and replacement of the filter basket without shutting down the process.

Once cleaned, the valves can be reset and the clean strainer brought back on line. Then the remaining strainer can be isolated and cleaned. All without shutting down the process causing downtime.

Strainer construction is 316 stainless steel if there is requirement for sanitary service or frequent washdowns. If there is no such requirements 304 stainless can be substituted. Sanitary service will also require teflon gaskets for the strainers and eztra clearance for sanitary style clamps and fittings.

The entire duplex strainer is built on a simple rectangular frame constructed of 1-1/2" square stainless tubing which has tabs that allow the assembly to be bolted to the floor. The length width and height of the frame is dictated by the diameter of pipe and how much clearance is required for the fittings.

Single stainless steel basket strainer

Unions allow the entire strainer to be removed from the line if necessary. The strainer housing itself has tabs that allows it to be fastened to the frame for extra support.

Close up of a stainless steel basket strainer

This close up shows the seal welded connections and full stainless steel construction. Port sizes are from 1/2" - 2" FNPT. Gasket materials are commonly EPDM, Viton or Teflon.

Stainless basket strainer dissasembled

With the top clamp removed, the basket can be removed from the strainer for cleaning. Basket perforations are available in 1/4", 3/16" , 1/8", 1/16" Openings and in 20, 60 and 100 mesh sizes.

Single basket strainer with bypass

Single strainers can also be designed to be taken offline without shutting down the line through the use of bypass piping.

Duplex filter strainer

Duplex strainer with shutoff valves for independant cleaning.

Duplex PVC basket strainer

This duplex strainer is fabricated entirely in PVC.

For more help with strainers including quotes for fabrication contact Aslan Technologies

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