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Dust Collection Ductwork

Ducting in a well designed industrial ventilation system is a must for employee health and safety. There are many poisonous, toxic and dangerous dusts and mists that need to be controlled and kept out of breathing space. Free flying dust is also product that can be recaptured and recycled back into the production process

Dust collection works best when the same high air velocity is maintained throughout the system. Typically, dust collection duct work is intended to provide for 3500 feet per minute air velocity throughout the entire duct run. As we add collection points along the duct run, the area or size of the duct has to increase to allow the velocity to be maintained. The ductwork system is often "balanced" through the use of sliding "blast gates" at every pick up point in the system.

When flammable or explosize dusts are to be collected, the pick up velocity is increased to 4500 feet per minute and a whole host of safety regulations stipulated by the NFPA come in to play so that the risk of explosion or fire in the duct is minimized. Blast gates are often forbidden in these types of systems due to the risk of combustible material collecting at the blast gate.

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