Air Pollution Baghouse design and drafting

The air pollution baghouse is a key component along with electrostatic precipitators and wet scrubbers in cleaning coal fired electricity plant emissions. Baghouse collectors serve to remove the harmful dust from many other industries such as cement, lime, magnesium and lead. Better and more efficient air pollution baghouse designs are being driven by stringent EPA regulations and the promise of tax credits for lowering emissions below minimum industry limits under “cap and trade” legislation .

Baghouse Collectors raise plant efficiency

Bag house collectors also have the job to reduce the amount of nuisance dust during the production process. In the cement business, this dust is product and can be reintroduced to the production process. Same goes for food products. In the dairy industry milk powder dust from the drying process can be captured and reintroduced improving plant efficiency and yield.

Industrial Bag house in ethanol production

The industrial bag house is also an important part of the green energy business where it used in reducing particulate emissions in ethanol plants. In many cases the particulate fines are classed as explosive dusts and the baghouse and associated ductwork must be designed with fire suppression equipment as well as environmental monitoring and sesnoring equipment. Please consider AAA Drafting Services if you have any projects involving the creation of detail and manufacturing drawings for baghouses, vent stacks and ductwork.


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