Solidworks animation

Here is a SolidWorks animation I made for Engineered Assemblies, an installer of rainscreen facades in Southwestern Ontario. To get the rolls of weather barrier to unroll, I just modeled them as configurations with ever decreasing diameter, then just cycled through the diameters as the roll was "unrolled"

Sometimes solidworks animation can be used to provide mpeg or avi files to illustrate if a design concept is going to work. One example was a large dust collector installation where the customer was unsure if the collector could be off loaded from the truck and assembled in sections through a small door four levels above where the delivery truck would be parked.

Solidworks 2008 is a 3D drawing program that also has animation capabilities. We simply animated the whole process to demonstrate that raising the collector in this manner was possible and this led to the customer placing the order for the dust collector. Solidworks animation can be used for sales demonstrations, on line machine manuals, to assist maintenance departments and many other purposes.

The 3D drawing program can be a valuable visual aid to the customer, not just the engineer or designer. A concept can be demonstrated using animation, pictures and as part of power point presentations. This serves to help prove to the customer that the customer will work, without needing to resort to lengthy technical discussion. The concept can be demonstrated and modifed right in front of the customer.

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