Hydraulic Valve AHLG-2800

Directional control valve for logsplitter

Joe Passalacqua from JP Manufacturing Solutions offers a hydraulic valve specifically for logsplitters. The valve can be used as a repair item in existing logsplitters or on completely new machines. This valve is available for $130.00 Canadian and can be shipped by parcel post or courier.


  • Flow range 25 GPM max.
  • Spring centered in one direction, pressure released detent in the other direction.
  • Automatic kickback to neutral at detent psi
  • Operating temperature 180 Deg. Max.
  • Hard chrome plated spool for better wear resistance
  • Relief valve design to 2750 PSI Max.
  • For use with up to 5" Diameter cylinders
  • Tandem center spool, in centered or nuetral position, work ports are blocked, pump unloads to reservoir.
  • Handle can be positioned up or down
  • System filtration is reccomended to protect components
  • Tank Pressure not to exceed 150 PSI

Shipping Information

  • Shipping weight 12 lbs


  • 4 way 3 position
  • Work Port Size 1/2" NPT
  • In/Out Port Size 3/4" NPT


Hydraulic Valve AHLG2800-1
Hydraulic Valve AHLG2800-2

Overall Dimensions

Hydraulic Valve AHLG2800-Dims

Valve Schematic

Hydraulic Valve AHLG2800-Schematic

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