Industrial Projects

Industrial and commercial projects can include a wide variety of engineering disciplines. Piping, HVAC, Structural and mechanical drafting and design are often involved. AAA Drafting Services can help you if you have any drafting projects required for your plant operations.

Industrial Projects 001

OSHA Compliant safety ladders, handrails, stair towers

If you are going to be building stairs or access ladders in a plant or workplace, those stairs will have to be OHSA compliant because of workplace health and safety regulations. OHSA provide detailed specifications for the construction of handrails, kickplates and stair construction so that these items are safe and prevent injury in the workplace.

Structural steel detailing

Structural steel detailing has a language all to itself.

Heat Exchanger drafting and Detailing

3D Modeling can be very helpful when detailing out sheel and tube exchangers where there are plenty of repetitive pipe runs

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