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Architectural drawings that AAA Drafting has worked on include Cladding details for both residential and industrial construction incorporating some of the latest advances in rain screen wall construction. As well, architectural construction details for transit platforms using composite plastics as opposed to concrete construction. What follows are some page I have put together to go into these types of projects in a little more detail.

The Rain screen page talks about the whole process of providing architectural drawings of rain screen wall systems using a variety of facade materials. The page talks about some of the factors that have to be decided in order to install a rain screen system on a variety of different substrates and conditions.

Porcelain facade panels used on a supermarket The Facade Panels page talks about the use of materials such as Porcelain, Zinc and Prepainted steel. These materials are being used more frequently in rainscreen systems.

The Canadian supermarket shown in the picture on the left has a porcelain tile rainscreen system made by a German company called Agrob-Buchtal.

The system included vertical rails installed over plywood sheathing with hooks that pickup grooves cast into the back of the cladding panels

As well Copper cladding panels. Some cladding materials, such as Fiber cement cladding fit in well in green and sustainable building projects.

housewrap and breathable membranes

Architectural drawings are as important for the cladding materials as well as for different types of air barriers and housewrap that are now speciifed for rain screen projects. These high tech barriers allow buildings to breathe without losing heat and cold

Steel Building Insulation Panels provide a means of energy savings for building owners. This page talks about the construction of new types of insulating panels.

Rooftop solar installations require a proper mounting system to make sure the panels stay on the roof and work well throughout their entire service life. The Rooftop Solar Panel Mounts page covers some of the important considerations required in solar panel installation.

Floor plans and plant layouts are often necessary for things such as fire exit plans and for trying out the locations of new plant processes and machinery prior to installation. Or perhaps a new office layout that allows for company growth. Sometimes these drawings are required for building permits but quite often they are needed for internal planning purposes.

Modern Playground Equipment has become more than just a fun place for kids to play. This equipment must be to be built to satisfy tight health and safety regulations. See some of the concerns on this page.

The Home Plans page gives a wide choice of house plans to use if you are planning to build a new home. If you are calling from Ontario, Canada be advised that the Ontario Building Code requires that all drafters be certified through the province. Many renovation projects will require an Architects stamp or a Professional Engineers stamp and sometimes both. If you are unclear just ask.

The following pages talk about the kind of projects that generally do not require building permits. These types of structures include playhouses, sheds and even doghouses. Some children's playhouses are every bit as detailed as regular homes. The Children's Playhouse page discusses some of the kits and plans that are available, Doghouses too, have become very sophisticated. The Doghouse Plans page takes a look at whats available in the way of housing for our pets.

If you need more information about any of these areas, let me know and I will send you a sample of our architectural drafting, architectural detail drawings and architectural construction details.

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Diamond Crossing

Diamond Crossing

Raillroad diamond crossing with replacement frogs and lead-in rails
Duct Layout

Duct Layout

Dust Collector pipe layout designed for constant velocity of 3500 fpm
Disk Brake Assembly

Disk Brake Assembly

Disk brake assembly for commuter rail car