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Home plans are something I do get asked about doing but I am generally kept busy enough by the Architects and Engineers I do work for. With House Plans or any Architectural Job, Building Code compliance is key and thats why you need the Architect.

They know Building Codes and the permit process inside and out. In addition, designers who work on homes often require special certification form the building department to ensure they know the local codes.

You can purchase house plans for your dream home in addition to Deck, Garage and Shed plans. This may be your least expensive route. Most purchased plans do comply with local bylaws but it would be wise to having the plans looked over by an architect or residential designer prior to spending thousands apon thousands of dollars in construction.

For example, most homes in California have earthquake protection measures that must be incorporated into their construction. Not all purchased plans will reflect this. A purchased set of drawings originally made 10 years ago might not reflect building code changes made recently such as requirements for low flush capacity toilets

Ebay is also a good place to go looking for home plans. If the vendor is approachable you potentially might be able to find out a lot about whats involved with building the house you are planning to build. At the very least you should find some bargain home plan books to help nail down the style of house you want to build.

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